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How to Dispose of Terravive Products:


Our aim is to give our customers plastic-free options without compromising on price or quality. All Terravive products are plastic-free and we’re excited to help other companies reduce their plastic use. There are several options to dispose of your Terravive products:


Option 1: Toss it in your Green Bin

If you live in an area with municipal composting facilities, simply toss it in your green bin. It will be picked up by a company (e.g. Recology in SF), taken to an industrial composting facility, and transformed into soil.


Option 2: Toss it in your Home Compost

If you don’t live in an area with a Green Bin (midwest and east coast states), then you can toss it in your home compost pile. To get started on home composting, check out this link.


Option 3: What happens if this ends up in the Landfill?

Let’s be honest, sending things to the landfill is not ideal. To prevent unwanted chemicals in the water we drink, landfills are designed to preserve rather than biodegrade.


It will take much longer than 90 days for Terravive products to biodegrade, but when they do, they will not leak any unwanted chemicals like regular plastic products. Terravive products biodegrade more cleanly in landfills than many other "green" bioplastic products.


Option 4: What if this ends up in the waterways or oceans?

Sadly, some plastics end up here. When plastic products are littered, they enter storm drains, which empty into larger stream systems when flooded. Over time, the litter that was once on land enters increasingly larger streams, and ultimately ends up in the ocean. It’s not great for any plastic or bioplastic to enter the ocean because the presence of these materials can disrupt and even harm fragile marine ecosystems.


Terravive products were specifically selected and engineered for an optimal end of use outcome in a marine environment. If Terravive products enter the ocean, they will biodegrade into organic constituents like water, carbon dioxide, etc. that will not harm marine life. Terravive products will disappear in the ocean in less than 12 months.