Terravive will never create microplastics, nor produce harmful chemicals.

Businesses that want to convey their sustainability values to customers will benefit most from Terravive products. Across the board, there has been a tidal wave of consumer sentiment desiring organic, all-natural, and fresh products that are better for your body. Terravive’s products manifest that messaging through the plant materials we use and our commitment to make and manufacture everything we provide in the USA.

Products Made From Plants Have No Microplastics

Made From Plant Materials

Terravive’s products are the most sustainable suite of single use products commercially available. Terravive utilizes home compostable and ocean degradable materials. What this means is that Terravive products are built to perform just like plastic, but they truly break down like plants. Our straws look just like plastic, but Terravive straws cleanly break down in rivers, seawater, landfills, and even your backyard!

Sustainability is a core value of Terravive. All Terravive products are made from the most sustainable raw materials available and manufactured in the US.

Plant materials degrade to help more plants grow

Better Than The Competition

Many of our competitors manufacture products made from petroleum-based plastics with an additive, and/or products made from materials that require specific disposal requirements. Terravive products are ideal for businesses across the United States because they biodegrade more rapidly, are sourced from plant materials, and do not require industrial composting conditions to fully biodegrade.

Plant materials degrade to help more plants grow
Plant materials are used in our products, making them all natural

Domestically Produced

In addition to careful material selection, Terravive makes and manufactures all of its products in the USA. Raw materials are sourced and created in the US. The manufacture and conversion of that raw material into Terravive finished products is also done in the US. From a high level sustainability perspective, Terravive produces zero carbon emissions in international freight.