Terravive’s products are the most sustainable suite of single use consumer products commercially available.

Terravive's products make for a happy earth and a happy you

Consumer's Benefit

Businesses that want to convey their sustainability values to customers and employees will benefit most from Terravive products. Across the board, there has been a tidal wave of consumer sentiment desiring organic, all-natural, and fresh products that are better for your body. Terravive’s products manifest that messaging for the environment because of the materials we use and our commitment to make and manufacture everything we provide in the USA. Terravive’s products are made from the most sustainable materials available.

Terravive's products make for a happy earth and a happy you
Terravive's sustainable materials break down naturally

Unparalleled Quality

Terravive utilizes home compostable and ocean degradable materials. What this means is that Terravive’s products are built to perform just like plastic, but they truly break down like plants. Terravive straws, for example, look just like plastic. But Terravive straws cleanly break down in rivers, seawater, lakes, landfills, industrial composters, and even your backyard!

Terravive's sustainable materials prevent microplastics

Sustainable Materials: No Microplastics

Terravive products will never create microplastics, nor produce harmful chemicals for life. Many of competitors manufacture products made from petroleum-based plastics with an additive, and/or products made from materials that require specific disposal requirements. Terravive products are ideal for businesses across the United States because they biodegrade more rapidly, are sourced from plant materials, and do not require industrial composting conditions to fully biodegrade.

Terravive's sustainable materials prevent microplastics
Terrarive's products are made from sustainable energy

Zero Carbon Emissions

Terravive’s products are made from the most sustainable materials. In addition, Terravive makes and manufactures all of its products in the USA. Raw materials are sourced and created in the USA. The manufacturing and conversion of that raw material into Terravive finished products is also done in the USA. From a high level sustainability perspective, Terravive produces zero carbon emissions in international freight. 

Terravive is able to be more responsive to our customer’s demands and requirements because we don’t have to rely on long logistics chains from overseas outsourced manufacturing. Because we are more responsive, our clients do not have to maintain as large an inventory of products in anticipation of any supply disruptions overseas.

Sustainability is at the heart and core of Terravive’s mission and vision. All Terravive products are made from the most sustainable raw materials functionally and economically available – and - our products are manufactured in the USA.


Diversity and inclusion are key to Terravive’s business strategy. To produce products with the highest level of quality, we must have unique perspectives and backgrounds represented in our team and work.


At Terravive, diversity means understanding that differences in perspectives and backgrounds are actually our greatest strength. We’ve built an inclusive environment in which everyone is valued, respected, and expected to bring their true selves to ethically expand our business. 


This starts with our executive team. Terravive is a woman, minority, and veteran owned and operated business and categorizes as a WOSB, SDB and SWAM certified. Terravive believes that its past, current, and future successes are dependent on diverse hiring practices to ensure we have a diverse workforce. The best products and most qualified employees will enable Terravive to ultimately leverage our success to drive positive impact on society and the environment.