Terravive is the Smart and Responsible decision

Terravive is here to help you save money and eliminate microplastics. Our business expertise and commitment to corporate sustainability make Terravive the smart and responsible decision for any business.

Eliminate Microplastics

The more Terravive’s products are utilized, the less petroleum-based plastics will be found in the environment. Less plastics in the environment means less microplastics leach in to our water and food and ultimately our bodies.

Seamless Adoption

Terravive’s products do not require consumers to change any behavior and our products are the same fit and function as traditional consumer products except that Terravive’s products do not harm the environment.

Business Oriented

We can have the greatest impact to the environment if Terravive is focused and operated efficiently and profitably. The stronger our business is, the faster and more economically we can deploy our products in large volumes to our clients around the world. 


Terravive’s focus is 100% in alignment with all corporate sustainability and responsibility programs and board mandates.

Save Money

Disposing of petroleum-based plastics is expensive and recycling plastic only marginally impacts your carbon footprint. Switching to Terravive gives you the chance to save money and eliminate microplastics.

Boost Brand Loyalty

Increasingly consumers and employees are demanding sustainable products and solutions and they vote with their wallet or they walk from their employer if there is weak employee engagement. Terravive directly speaks to employees and consumers and we meet their immediate needs.