compostable drinking straws


Straws that hold up better than plastic but are higher quality and better for the environment than any paper or traditional plastic straw! Terravive straws are among the world’s first commercialized drinking straws that are certified to marine degradability, home compostability, and not ecotoxic to ocean life or humans! To maintain cost competiviness, our products come in standard sizes and packaging; however, unique size, color, and branding customization is possible for order commitments greater than 10 million pieces.

  • Home Compostable and Ocean Safe Drinking Straws (TUV Austria Certified)
  • BPI Certified Compostable
  • Identicle look and feel to plastic
  • Does not get soggy or mushy like paper straws
  • Made in the USA from domestically sourced raw materials
  • No PFAs (Forever Chemicals) Added
  • No toxic glues used to bind together
  • USDA Biopreferred


MS-TV-10-PNW compostable long milkshake paper drinking straw
ST-TV-8-PNW compostable standard paper drinking straw
CS-TV-6-PUN compostable cocktail straw coffee stirrer
BS-TV-9-PWN compostable boba straw wrapped
(L in inches x DIA in mm)
Standard Drinking Straw, UnwrappedST-TV-8-PUN7.5 in x 5.5 mm1000
Standard Drinking Straw, Paper, WrappedST-TV-8-PWN7.5 in x 5.5 mm1000
Long Drinking Straw, UnwrappedST-TV-10-PUN10 in x 5.5 mm6000
Long Drinking Straw, Paper, WrappedST-TV-10-PWN10 in x 5.5 mm3750
Milkshake Drinking Straw, UnwrappedMS-TV-8-PUN7.75 in x 7 mm4500
Milkshake Drinking Straw, Paper, WrappedMS-TV-8-PWN7.5 in x 7 mm3000
Long Milkshake Drinking Straw, UnwrappedMS-TV-10-PUN10 in x 7 mm3200
Long Milkshake Drinking Straw, Paper, WrappedMS-TV-10-PWN10 in x 7 mm3000
Cocktail Straw (Coffee Stirrer)CS-TV-6-PUN6 in x 3.5mm16,000
Boba Straw, UnwrappedBS-TV-9-PUN9 in x 0.43”750
Boba Straw, WrappedBS-TV-9-PWN9 in x 0.43”750


Diversity and inclusion are key to Terravive’s business strategy. To produce products with the highest level of quality, we must have unique perspectives and backgrounds represented in our team and work.


At Terravive, diversity means understanding that differences in perspectives and backgrounds are actually our greatest strength. We’ve built an inclusive environment in which everyone is valued, respected, and expected to bring their true selves to ethically expand our business. 


This starts with our executive team. Terravive is a woman, minority, and veteran owned and operated business and categorizes as a WOSB, SDB and SWAM certified. Terravive believes that its past, current, and future successes are dependent on diverse hiring practices to ensure we have a diverse workforce. The best products and most qualified employees will enable Terravive to ultimately leverage our success to drive positive impact on society and the environment.