Take Out
compostable food takeout containers

Take Out

Terravive’s take out containers do not contain any added PFA (forever) chemicals! These containers are also fully free of plastic so there is no residual microplastic pollution to worry about.

Our products contain a patented formulation to resist hot grease and water for hours, yet break down cleanly and naturally in backyard
compost, oceanwater, river water, industrial compost, and even landfills.

  • BPI Certified Compostable and ASTM D6400 Approved
  • No PFAs (Forever Chemicals) Added
  • Oil and Grease Resistant
  • Does Not Produce Microplastics
  • Made from sugarcane grown in USA
  • USDA Biopreferred


1CL-T96-PM-BUN compostable fiber clamshell food takeout container
3CMPCL-NB-8-BBUI compostable fiber clamshell food takeout container
1CMPCL-NB-9-BBUI compostable fiber clamshell food takeout container
3CMPCL-NB-9-BBUI compostable fiber clamshell food takeout container
1CL-T6-PM-BUN compostable fiber clamshell food takeout container
Hoagie/Hotdog Clamshells, Single Compartment9x6x3 in1CL-T96-PM-BUN200
Clamshells, 6x6”, Single Compartment6x6x3 in1CL-T6-PM-BUN400
Clamshells, 8x8”, Single Compartment8x8x3 in1CMPCL-NB-8-BBUI200
Clamshells, 8x8”, Three Compartments8x8x3 in3CMPCL-NB-8-BBUI200
Clamshells, 9x9”, Single Compartment9x9x3 in1CMPCL-NB-9-BBUI200
Clamshells, 9x9”, Three Compartments9x9x3 in3CMPCL-NB-9-BBUI200


Diversity and inclusion are key to Terravive’s business strategy. To produce products with the highest level of quality, we must have unique perspectives and backgrounds represented in our team and work.


At Terravive, diversity means understanding that differences in perspectives and backgrounds are actually our greatest strength. We’ve built an inclusive environment in which everyone is valued, respected, and expected to bring their true selves to ethically expand our business. 


This starts with our executive team. Terravive is a woman, minority, and veteran owned and operated business and categorizes as a WOSB, SDB and SWAM certified. Terravive believes that its past, current, and future successes are dependent on diverse hiring practices to ensure we have a diverse workforce. The best products and most qualified employees will enable Terravive to ultimately leverage our success to drive positive impact on society and the environment.