Sustainability is at the heart of what we do at Terravive

In Latin, the word Terra means Earth. The word vive means Life. Terravive means “the Earth sustains itself”. From the end to end value chain, Terravive offers the highest quality products that meet the highest level of sustainability. We think about sustainability in a few ways: environmentally, logistically, and social impact. 

Terravive Sustainability: Environment

We identified early on that plastic is an outdated material for the future. A new wave of biopolymers have the ability to perform like plastic but break down like plants will  eventually replace the outdated plastic for most single use product applications. Terravive is commercializing the world’s first suite of consumer products that are made from renewable raw materials that can break down easily in natural environments. These natural environments include the ocean, rivers, lakes, soil, home compost, industrial compost, or even a landfill. 

Our business vision is to create a true solution to the single use plastic problem and a vision that would align with the principles of the circular economy (see Ellen MacArthur Foundation below). Terravive materials will never produce microplastics and will break down fully in time. 

Terravive Sustainability: Logistics

The Terravive raw material production and conversion into finished product are all accomplished domestically within a relatively short radius of our customer locations. So, the production, transport, and distribution of Terravive products is a clean process and creates a minimal carbon footprint.

Our approach is opposed to a majority of our competition, which are still dependent on global supply chains – ultimately producing large amounts of CO2 emissions in ocean transit and increasing the risk of failure or delay at every touch point. Ships are responsible for more than 18 percent of some air pollutants. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) estimates that carbon dioxide emissions from shipping were equal to 2.2% of the global human-made emissions in 2012 and expects ship emissions to rise 50 to 250 percent by 2050 if no action is taken (reference).

Through our domestic manufacturing, Terravive is having an immediate impact on the reduction of greenhouse gases emitted from ocean shipping.  Additionally, Terravive is in the process of creating a report measuring the tons of CO2 emissions it has saved with one of our clients that used to source from overseas but transitioned to Terravive’s products.


Terravive Sustainability: Social Impact

Terravive subscribes to safe manufacturing practices that respect the current and long term health of all workers involved in the creation of Terravive products. We are also engaged in several give back programs with the local community to support and strengthen our local communities. All Terravive manufacturing facilities are based in the USA and certified to ISO or SQF and adhere to all OSHA and fair labor practices protecting their employees. The facilities are also routinely checked for maintenance and are in compliance with all domestic manufacturing standards.

For leading thinkers on sustainability and consumer products, please see the following:


Diversity and inclusion are key to Terravive’s business strategy. To produce products with the highest level of quality, we must have unique perspectives and backgrounds represented in our team and work.


At Terravive, diversity means understanding that differences in perspectives and backgrounds are actually our greatest strength. We’ve built an inclusive environment in which everyone is valued, respected, and expected to bring their true selves to ethically expand our business. 


This starts with our executive team. Terravive is a woman, minority, and veteran owned and operated business and categorizes as a WOSB, SDB and SWAM certified. Terravive believes that its past, current, and future successes are dependent on diverse hiring practices to ensure we have a diverse workforce. The best products and most qualified employees will enable Terravive to ultimately leverage our success to drive positive impact on society and the environment.