Film for Warehousing and logistics

Terravive film is the superior substitute of conventional plastic, polyethylene, in its mechanical and sustainability properties. Terravive film is used in the production of bags, film, and rollstock. Terravive film is similar or superior to polyolefins in mechanical properties like strength, elasticity, ductility, and toughness. Terravive film also demonstrates excellent barrier properties and can be printed on.

In addition to the excellent mechanical properties exhibited by Terravive film, our materials can fully and cleanly break down in 180 days in many environments like soil, oceans, freshwater, landfills, backyard compost, and industrial compost.

Using our novel materials, Terravive has the capacity to produce customized film applications for consumer packaging and industrial purposes. Please contact us with any business inquiries pertaining to customized Terravive film.