Marine Degradable… What does it really mean? 

When a product is certified Marine Degradable it means it will completely biodegrade naturally and leave no toxic residue in a place like this lake, ocean water, seas, and more. How? 👨‍🔬 👩‍🔬 Marine Degradable products are made from starch-based materials that differ from traditional polyethylene plastic. Microorganisms feed on these starch-based materials. It could be an orange peel or a piece of grass. Products like our straws are seen as food to these microorganisms and they eat through them. Just like you and I would eat an orange! 😋 🐛 Once these microscopic heroes of nature see this food. They eat it and break it down into its natural elements. Carbon, oxygen and biomass. Think of it as taking a plant apart by its pieces. 🔬 If you ever get a chance to watch a microorganism through a microscope do its business. Take it. It’s a fascinating experience. Do you have any questions about Marine Degradable products? Ask us in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer! ✅ We welcome all those that share our mission to solve the plastic pollution problem – nobody wants to intentionally pollute our oceans! 🌱 Follow Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #marinedegradable #nature #sustainable

Do you Feel Good when you Give Back?

Joe went to the 2nd annual All Alumni Reunion at Bishop Canevin High School in Pittsburgh. Like last year, Terravive provided all the American made, eco-friendly dinnerware for the event and it sure got field tested! 💪 Those clamshells and trays were loaded up with all sorts of mouth watering food especially tasty bbq from the Grill Master himself, Gregg Butteri! Half of the proceeds from the Alumni Cookout benefited Bishop Canevin Grad of 86, Jim Maloney’s daughter, Mary Maloney. Mary is tackling her obstacle in life with passion & drive and approaches life with a smile and positive attitude (we all can learn from inspirational people like Mary). 😂 Seeing Joe’s friends follow Terravive’s #linkedin page, they see the posts from Julianna and Joe and as any lifelong friends will always do, they had a lot of fun critiquing Joe’s filming career! Everyone had a great time at the reunion and it’s always nice to see old friends and laugh at all the twists and turns that life provides each of us. It was also fun talking about the growth of Terravive and laughing with friends and family as they mimicked some of our more popular posts. ✅ We welcome all those that share our mission to solve the plastic pollution problem – nobody wants to intentionally pollute their environment. 🌱 Follow Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #reunion #foodservice #events #pittsburgh

Thank You Followers! 🔔 Ding Ding we hit 2k followers!

Inspiring part is, while some pages have a lot more followers, we love every time someone comes up to us and says things like “I learned about PFAS from your video” or “way to go in the obstacle course” or “I love your educational posts on sustainability”. We are proud of the progress we have made on #LinkedIn with our group of like minded friends and associates. We want to connect with the “right” Quality, Forward Thinking, and Mission Driven people following Terravive so thank you all for following our journey! ❓ What type of posts would you like to see more of? 🌱 Follow Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #goals #socialmedia #contentcreator #milestone

Do you value Reliable Supply Chains?

What the pandemic taught us about supply chains….. For the last 20+ years, companies (big and small) have been offshoring manufacturing to China = Cheap labor, no human rights laws and less environmental regulations. It all seemed like a good way to increase their margins. 🤢 Then reality struck with the pandemic. The country that was manufacturing all the products shut down. No factories were running, ports for shipping were closed and businesses and consumers around the world felt the pain. The simplest of every day products weren’t available (even small parts for spray bottles). None could be found. Well except Terravive’s products. Why? 🇺🇸 Because Terravive not only manufactures all our products in the USA but we also keep large inventories at our various warehouses. Spread throughout the country, our distribution of products to clients didn’t stop. Unlike most businesses that shrank or shut down during the pandemic, our business actually grew. Controlling your supply chain is so important in business. Clients and customers want the product and they want it yesterday. Not 2-3 months from now because it’s on the slow boat from China. ❓ How does your business control its supply chain? Have you been burned by overseas supply chain issues? 🌱 Follow Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #supplychain #warehouse #business #foodservice

Hey Boston! How do you prove products work as advertised?

If you’ve been following Terravive (if not please 🔽 click the Follow button now), you know that we are always testing our products just like how our clients use them. Sometimes, it’s testing how fast they breakdown and compost while other times it’s real world testing with tasty food. 👍 We take our products with use everywhere we go. On a recent trip to #Boston we put our clamshell, bowl and cutlery to the test. Lobster roll, shrimp and Paul Revere Chili. What a great combination! ✅ As always our American-made, fiber products with no added PFAS performed as advertised and there was no bleed through. It just goes to prove, you don’t have to add toxic PFAS chemicals to your products to make them functional. What do you do to test your products and show your clients they work as advertised? 🌱 Follow Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #food #foodandbeverage #advertising

Entrepreneurship = Driving Through a Hurricane! 

People often compare being an entrepreneur to being in a hurricane. The winds of business and competition pushing and pulling you in a million directions. ⛈ Then there is the literal aspect of driving through a real life hurricane, tornado or tropical storm to visit a client (as Julianna and Joe are doing). When you run a business, especially a mission driven business like Terravive, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, make cold calls, retool your product after customer feedback, fly out short notice for a client, etc. 💪 Entrepreneurship has plenty of risks. They can be financial or physical like driving through a hurricane. But at the end of the day, your resilience in the face of danger is what will determine your success and will enable you to conquer mountains. ❓ Do you take risks in your business? If so, care to elaborate? 🌱 Follow Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #Entrepreneurship #riskmanagement #business #fun

 How does our CEO Julianna keep her energy up?

One thing is she drinks healthy smoothies that are packed full of nutrients. Always on the go, they are the perfect pick me up and light enough not to bog her down like a big meal. They taste even better in a Terravive American made, compostable cup! 😂 Joe on the other hand, if you follow Terravive, you know he leans away from the green smoothie side of life and is more of a meat and potato kind of person. ❓ What do you do to keep your energy up as a business owner? 🌱 Follow Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #ceo #entrepreneurship #healthylifestyle #health
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Shocking: True Cost of Manufacturing in China

The ability to breathe fresh air? While the rest of the world is reducing their dependence on coal, China continues to build coal fired power plants with poor emission controls at a rapid pace to power their economy. 👁 These graphs are very eye opening! ❗ Anyone who has been to China knows this firsthand… The smog that plagues China’s cities can get so bad you can’t see the sky. Guess what, that “smog” rolls eastward across the Pacific to the USA – 20-30% of the particulate often makes it to California. Then there is the GHG pollution released by shipping 6,500+ miles across the Pacific. All this unnecessary extra carbon emissions contributes to weather and climate changes, asthma and other lung and health problems. ✅ Buying American Made products from factories that respect workers rights avoids these excessive emissions. The US has restrictions on carbon emissions that are regulated by the EPA and you would avoid GHG pollution from trans-Pacific shipping. 🤔 So, what is the “True” cost of manufacturing in China? 🌱 Follow Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #carbon #manufacturing #pollution

What’s better than a bowl of New England Clam Chowder?

Not much, it’s delicious especially in Boston! But it’s even better when it doesn’t bleed through and get on your clothes. We took our American-made products to the Boston Market and tested them in real life situations. ✅ Our compostable fiber products hold up against the toughest food even steaming chowder. And best of all, they have no PFAS added like some of the products being manufactured in Asia. What’s your favorite local market in your area? 🌱 Follow Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #boston #foodpackaging #food #massachusetts

Get SMART! Is Your Water Poisoning You?

PFAS or per and poly-fluorinated chemicals (Forever Chemicals) are synthetic chemicals that cause cancer and many other health problems including kidney disease and attack your immune system. A recent study by the U.S. Geological Survey found at least 45% of the nation’s tap water is estimated to have one or more types of PFAS. ❗Invented in the 1950’s, they were used in making non-stick cookware, clothing, carpeting and firefighting foam. Some companies also use PFAs in their fiber takeout and #Foodservice products to make them grease resistant, so in those applications, consumers are actually eating on products that contain these chemicals. The chemical companies have made billions off these toxic chemicals and now are drowning in lawsuits connected to them – according to various Wall Street Journal articles, there are already thousands of lawsuits in the USA and in Europe. 🚬 Sort of like how tobacco companies told us cigarettes were healthy and had doctors in commercials. Then we found out cigarettes were giving people lung cancer and killing them. We value our clients’ health at Terravive and we encourage everyone to get educated on PFAs or Forever Chemicals in your environment. ✅ Rest assured, Terravive doesn’t add any PFAs to our Foodservice and dining products! 🌱 Follow Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #pfas #cancer #health

Want a Fun Sneak Peek Behind the Curtain? How to Produce Content Efficiently

Our Team is always on the road, in meetings or dealing with a hundred other urgent items as we continue to grow Terravive internationally. Getting the word out about our sustainable American made products is key to our customer relations. This is why we spend the time on our LinkedIn posts. Sometimes, we are out on the road and will film a quick segment. When it comes to more educational videos, we have started to utilize a green screen as another tool in the toolbox. Three steps to producing content efficiently: 🔬 Research & Planning Every week we take news articles, questions from clients and what’s new in regulations then plan out the posts for the next 2 weeks. 🎥 Group Filming Any posts that will be green screen, we make a list of those posts and film them all at the same time. This way, we set up the green screen once, block off a time and go for it. 🎓 Hire the Right Team This has been the secret to our media success. Our media guru, Eric Flathers, who hails from the TV world, has taught us how to recognize filming opportunities like where to stand and how to get the right camera angle (although sometimes we do selfies and have to fix Joe’s shaky cam! 😂) We might not have the biggest following but that doesn’t matter. When we go to conferences and other events, the “right” people come up to us and they remember Julianna & Joe and they value our Linkedin content. Our followers are potential clients, partners, industry leaders and others who want to improve the world like we do. A follow and like is nice and we hope you hit the buttons and also comment. ✅ But at the end of the day, the quality of our followers like you matters more to your business success than quantity of followers. 🌱 Follow Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #socialmedia #contentcreator #b2bmarketing

MAGIC: Watch Our Amazing Clamshell Breaking Down into Nature in 2 Months!

People always ask us how long it takes our products to degrade back into the natural environment. Our clamshells take about 2 months to fully degrade in backyard soil (this is actually Joe’s backyard). In a commercial composting facility it takes substantially less time. 🚫 Compare this to polyethylene plastic and Styrofoam products that remain in the environment for decades and centuries – not to mention #microplastics that enter our bodies. 🇺🇸 Seeing our 100% American-made products are made from plant material they will break down just like an orange peel. We never get tired of watching these time-lapses! ✅ Bonus: Terravive products do not have any PFAs (Forever Chemicals) added! Ask your current supplier if they can make that same claim AND back it up with 3rd party lab results! What questions do you have about our amazing fiber clamshells? 🌱 Follow Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #sustainability #sustainable #foodservice #food

Watch Picklesburgh fun in Pittsburgh!……. Yinz ever been?

Joe and Julianna are always mixing business and fun (as entrepreneurs, it’s a great way to balance life) and what better way to do it than to test out Terravive’s products at the World famous Picklesburgh festival in #Pittsburgh! 🥒 As Julianna mentioned, you can get “pickles” in just about every way possible. The popularity of the festival seems to grow each year and the hungry festive crowds filled the streets of Pittsburgh this year. On a serious note, they did want to see how Terravive products performed with the various Pickle juices or grease from some of the foods (ever see a pickle stuffed with a hotdog?). They also wanted to see how strong their straws were (try that with a wimpy paper straw)! 😆 After extensive and fun testing, Terravive “Products Performed Perfectly at Picklesburgh in Pittsburgh”.. say that 5 times fast! 🌱 Join Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #festivals #fun #festival #food

Shazam ⚡ The incredible disappearing bag! Is it magic?

Well, it isn’t magic in the sense of pixie dust and fairies but we still think it’s amazing. Our plant based compostable ziplock bag degrades in only a matter of several weeks. It doesn’t cause any toxic microplastics and all that it needs is dirt, sunlight/heat, moisture and of course the friendly bugs in the soil! 🚫 A normal plastic bag made from petrochemicals (polyethylene) could last a hundred years and when it does degrade it leaches toxic #microplastics in to the environment. We are proud of the intellectual property that protects this technology and our bags come in different sizes. Once you’re done you can throw them in your backyard compost pile and it will break down like an orange peel! 🌱 Join Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #ecofriendly #sustainability #nature #plasticfree

Improve Your University’s STARS rating!

🌟 STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System), by AASHE is the standard that everyone uses to gauge #sustainability in higher education. Depending on the school, many benefits can be tied to this rating. Some are for government funding, private donations or other fund raising campaigns. Then some are tied to curriculum and how potential students might choose one college over another. In the future, the number of careers in sustainability will continue to grow, building on the existing opportunities available today. ✅ Then of course doing right by nature means eliminating mountains and oceans of plastic pollution. Regardless of why you want to improve your STARS rating, Terravive can help. All our products are Made in America which means no carbon emissions from dirty Chinese factories or GHG from shipping across the Pacific. All our products are 100% made from plants, no petroleum based plastics, and our materials are domestically produced or grown. 🔽 DM or email us to find out more of how we can help you improve your university’s STARS rating. 🌱 Join Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #sustainable #eduction #university #universities

Can You Run Up 1,130 Steps and 4 Miles?

Julianna and Joe are always challenging themselves, both their minds and bodies, to prepare for the challenges in life and work. They constantly challenge each other and push one another to the next level. ❌ Stress levels for entrepreneurs and rapidly scaling global companies frequently get maxed out and working out is a great way to manage those stresses! Once a week, they run these stairs (113 of them) and a couple miles before and after to stay in shape. Who do you think runs faster? Joe Swider who has been doing PT every morning since being in the #Navy. Or, Julianna who ran cross country and has youth on her side? 🌱 Join Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #worklifebalance #challenge #worklife

Are You Ready for Carbon Emissions Reporting?

While there aren’t any set international standards yet, the United States is seen as following European standards for measuring and reporting carbon emissions. The GHG Protocol guidebook defines carbon emissions in three parts. 🔹 Scope 1 – emissions from direct operations 🔹 Scope 2 – emissions from energy purchases 🔹 Scope 3 – emissions encompassing the full supply chain and use of company’s products or services Scope 3 is where Terravive can help you lower your emission numbers. 🇺🇸 All our products are made in America so the supply chain starts with efficient manufacturing plants that have set standards for carbon emissions and regulated by the EPA, unlike manufacturing in China where there are no real enforced environmental regulations. ✅ Shipping across the Pacific generates significant GHG pollution. Again, buying Made in America means you won’t have to account for Pacific shipping generated #GHG. 🍀 All our products are made from plants. This means eliminating carbon or toxic chemicals being released into the air from petrochemical plants making polyethylene plastic. 🔆 Terravive compostable products = No plastic pollution = Supporting a Woman, Minority and Veteran owned company. 🌱 Join Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #carbonemissions #manufacturing #compliance

Learn the Truth & Watch Smiling Worms!

Did you know worms love our products too? 💚 Our clients often ask us how our products breakdown in various environments. This video is a great illustration of how Terravive hot cups degrade in ordinary backyard garden soil and don’t leave behind any microplastics like a Styrofoam cup (or polyethene clear cup) and those #microplastics remaining in the environment for decades and centuries. 😁 This is a very happy worm indeed! There is plenty of “eco” terminology out there. Compostable, Biodegradable, Oxo-Degradable, etc. What’s the difference and which is better for the planet? 🌎 Biodegradable: describes the natural process of something transforming into organic material. Most people can visualize what the word “biodegradable” means. For this process to work, all you need is some soil with microorganisms (which are naturally occurring), water or moisture and heat. Nature does the rest. The issue with it is that everything is technically biodegradable “over a period of time”, and you have to specify what that time frame is. For example, an orange peel takes months to biodegradable. Plastic can take thousands of years to truly biodegrade. Due to greenwashers using this word to trick consumers into thinking some materials are more earth-friendly and break down more quickly than they really do, the word “biodegradable” has gotten a very bad rap over the years. California even banned the use of it without a clear certification to back it up! 🌽 Compostable: means that a product is made from organic materials like corn, sugarcane or certain types of biopolymers that are certified to be compostable. Under the right settings they will break down naturally in nature and do so in a couple months. This process needs higher temperatures and again microorganisms. Many of Terravive’s products are backyard compostable which means you can throw them in your compost pile at home and they will break down naturally! 🚫 Oxo-Degradable: Is not planet friendly. These products are made from oil and chemicals to make them break down faster but at the expense of creating toxic life-killing microplastics. Products labeled “Oxo-degradable” are perfect examples of how the petrochemical industry engages in “#greenwashing”. Julianna is a biochemical expert with a degree from Washington & Lee University. Do you have any questions about the natural process of how Terravive products break down and how your company or organization can meet your sustainability goals? 🌱 Join Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #bio #sustainability #ecofriendly

💪 Workout = No Burn Out! Do you?

Entrepreneurship is hard, making a global impact is hard, and it’s easy to get burned out. Julianna and Joe have found the best way to beat burnout is to workout and keep a consistent routine every day, week after week. Team Terravive often talks about “Conquering Mountains” and keeping active and healthy allows our team to accomplish what they focus on. 💡 After a good TRX Training workout, their minds are cleared and solutions to challenges seem to pop in their heads. Having a workout routine also helps you sleep and getting a good night’s rest is a key component of success. What is your daily workout routine? Let us know in the comments. 🌱 Follow Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #burnout #workout #entrepreneurship #fitness

How Much Trash is Dumped Overboard?

Some items are dumped outright like when China stopped accepting plastic waste imports for recycling that then resulted in millions of tons of plastic pollution literally dumped into the ocean. 🌊 Then there are large shipping containers that fall off cargo ships due to bad weather or other reasons like not being secured properly. According to the World Shipping Council, the average # of containers lost yearly at sea is 779 (20 and 40 foot are most common sizes). A 40 foot container can hold around 60,000 lbs. Ballpark impact – that means ~40,000,000 lbs of stuff is accidentally dumped in the ocean off cargo ships each year (trying Googling “containers falling off cargo ships” – we did and it was shocking!). Remember when the Ever Given cargo ship got stuck in the Suez Canal for over a week? It caused massive supply chain issues globally and held up nearly $60 billion worth of trade. ❓Do you want to avoid these types of shipping headaches? Buy local. All Terravive products are manufactured in the US, no ship required! 🌱 Follow Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #shipping #foodandbeverage #cargo #oceanplastic

Report Confirms Compostable Products Truly Biodegrade

Team Terravive has known that certified compostable products like ours can be added to food waste and break down the same as an orange peel or lawn clippings in compost. Yet, it’s always nice to see more studies that confirm it. Unlike polyethylene plastic which causes microplastics that stay in the environment for centuries (Yes, you ingest some of them), compostable and “biobased” (aka made from plants) plastic actually degrades quicker when they are cut in smaller pieces. Truly compostable and biodegradable products are the solution to our plastic pollution problem – not recycling that normally causes more pollution waste streams than they are “saving”. The key is to find certified compostable and biodegradable products that are proven to break down, as many companies say their products are biodegradable, but they are not really. As a real life example, some companies say their products are “biodegradable” or “biobased” because they contain 50% less plastic. Well, that other 50% is plastic!!!!!! #Greenwashing! As more countries and cities adopt composting, the faster we will get to full circle sustainable living. Is there a #compost collection program where you live? Even without a formal composting program you can always go old school and compost like your Grandparents used to do! 🌱 Follow Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #sustainable #ecofriendly

Terravive awarded ISOA Vanguard Award for Global Impact!

Team Terravive is humbled and honored to be recognized by International Stability Operations Association (ISOA) with the Vanguard Award for the impact that we have had on programs and the environment globally. 🌎 Terravive is truly eliminating mountains and oceans of plastic pollution globally and we cannot be more optimistic about the future! From humanitarian efforts in different continents to distribution across 30 states, Terravive stands ready to support our clients’ operations with quality, speed and an intense sense of urgency. 🇺🇸 Since we manufacture all our products in the US, we control our supply chains and the quality of our products. This is unlike most of our competitors who are at the mercy of their Chinese or Asian supply chains with long lead times. When you need eco-friendly products fast, count on Terravive. Many humanitarian camps routinely fill up landfills with plastic waste or unfortunately burn their waste streams and generate toxic smoke from burning (polyethylene) plastics. All Terravive products are compostable and if they do end up getting burned, they don’t produce the same airborne toxic chemicals as burning petroleum polyethylene plastic. 🙏 Team Terravive was privileged to be honored by ISOA in recognition of the global impact that we are having. ✅ Congratulations to all of the other ISOA awardees (noted in comments). We were honored to be on the stage with you! 🌱 Follow Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #impact #humanitarian #awards #leadership

🛑 ALERT 🛑 Which plate contains a poison (PFAs)?

Both fiber plates look similar but they are not the same when it comes to the safety of your health. PFAs or Forever Chemicals have been used as an additive or coating in foodservice products for decades (they are a great grease barrier). Years ago, scientists proved these chemicals are toxic to humans and animals. Yet, most fiber products imported from China or Asia still contain PFAs because it’s the cheap way of producing them. ✅ Terravive made a conscious choice to not add PFAs to our fiber products (take out, bowls, plates, trays). To ensure the quality of our products, we also manufacture all our products in the US where regulations are stricter and easier to monitor. All across America and in Europe thousands of lawsuits against chemical companies who knew these chemicals were harmful but still wanted to profit off them are being sued. Organizations like the Firefighter Union are standing up against these PFA producing companies (Firefighting Foam used to contain PFAs and is now in the groundwater across several continents incl. the USA) and are doing what they can to protect their hard working members. Ask your supplier if they add PFAs to their fiber products you are eating on, and if they say no, ask for test results from an independent laboratory and see what their reaction is. 🌱 Follow Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #pfas #chemicals #food #safety #greenwashing

What Are Terravive Products Made From?

While you might be tempted to swim in it like Scrooge Mcduck, Bagasse is one of the best materials to make fiber products like Terravive’s. Bagasse is made from sugarcane stalks after the “sweet cane” is extracted. The remaining sugarcane stalks used to be 🔥 burned or 🚫 buried in huge landfills, but now we have discovered the perfect use for what used to be waste. 🍀 True upcycling without the pollution footprint of shipping across the Pacific! Terravive is able to meet the world’s demand for sustainable eco-friendly solutions to the plastic pollution problem while still offering the convenience of single use products. Terravive has been using Bagasse to make our products since 2015. Terravive’s fiber products are: ✅ 100% compostable ✅ Contain zero petroleum plastic like styrofoam ✅ Do not have any added PFAs Bagasse plants around the US employ thousands of workers with good paying jobs. These manufacturing plants are also cleaner than petroleum plastic chemical plants – added bonus for the surrounding towns! What questions do you have about Bagasse? 🌱 Join Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #sustainability #manufacturing #ecofriendly

What Are Terravive Products Made From?

While you might be tempted to swim in it like Scrooge Mcduck, Bagasse is one of the best materials to make fiber products like Terravive’s. Bagasse is made from sugarcane stalks after the “sweet cane” is extracted. The remaining sugarcane stalks used to be 🔥 burned or 🚫 buried in huge landfills, but now we have discovered the perfect use for what used to be waste. 🍀 True upcycling without the pollution footprint of shipping across the Pacific! Terravive is able to meet the world’s demand for sustainable eco-friendly solutions to the plastic pollution problem while still offering the convenience of single use products. Terravive has been using Bagasse to make our products since 2015. Terravive’s fiber products are: ✅ 100% compostable ✅ Contain zero petroleum plastic like styrofoam ✅ Do not have any added PFAs Bagasse plants around the US employ thousands of workers with good paying jobs. These manufacturing plants are also cleaner than petroleum plastic chemical plants – added bonus for the surrounding towns! What questions do you have about Bagasse? 🌱 Join Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #sustainability #manufacturing #ecofriendly

Curious? The True Power of Nature

We get asked this question a few times a day. What does it take to break down one of our products? Telling people our products are compostable or “biodegradable” is one thing but what is the science behind it? 🌳 In this video Julianna explains the three things that are needed to decompose one of our products. This is the same process that has been going on for millions of years. This is not anything new, it’s how nature works. How a forest untouched by man would continue to flourish through natural cycles of decomposition and regrowth. There are generally three things needed to decompose our products which are 100% made from plants. The same goes for an orange peel, a banana or any plant for that matter. 🌞 Heat – To start the magic of decomposing, they need heat. This is usually provided by the sun but can also be mimicked in industrial compost facilities. 🌊 Humidity or Water – The same as when a plant grows, it also requires humidity or water to break down into organic material. 🔬 Microorganisms – Microscopic organisms found in soil, oceans, streams, etc are the true powerhouse of the decomposing process. Humans have good bacteria in their guts which help us digest our food and turn it into energy. The same goes for how a plant (our products) break down. For example, these microorganisms feed on a Terravive fiber “plate”, create energy and then excrete the remains as organic material. ❗ Traditional plastic on the other hand doesn’t go through this process, it’s a polyethylene or polystyrene based material and it takes hundreds or thousands of years to break down and even then it’s still toxic to the environment in the form of microplastics. What questions do you have for Julianna about how something decomposes or how compost is made? 🌱 Join Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #sustainability #nature #education #environment

Do You Thank Deployed Active Duty Military?

Freedom, we have in America, and we love it. We also take it for granted. The brave men and women of the armed forces put their lives on the line for the freedoms we enjoy every day. When we are curled up on the couch with our favorite snack and watching the latest hit on Netflix. It’s easy to forget that there are thousands of soldiers and military personnel away from their families. Some are stationed in jungles, desserts or other harsh environments working hard and sacrificing to keep us safe. Next time you see a Veteran or an active duty military in uniform. Take a moment to stop and thank them for their service, for the sacrifices they have made, and if the situation presents itself, buy them a cup of coffee or let them go ahead of you in line. Red Fridays mean never forget those who serve. Join Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #military #vets2industry #veterans #army #navy #airforce #marines #marinecorps

Hawaii Plastic Straw Ban Works to Keep Beaches Pristine

Julianna was in Hawaii at a conference and saw first hand how plastic bans are working. Hawaii was one of the first states to enact a plastic straw ban and they are doing everything they can to protect their beaches and marine life. Hawaii’s marine ecosystem is one of the most diverse and beautiful in the world. No one wants to go on vacation to paradise and see a bunch of plastic pollution (they also don’t like limp paper straws). By banning the petroleum-based plastic products that used to litter the beaches, Hawaii’s legislators have taken the first step to solving their state’s plastic pollution problem. More and more states are banning single use plastic and 10 years from now we think you won’t be able to buy these toxic petroleum-based plastic products. Instead, we will see those products being plant based or reusable. What do you think is the best way to solve the plastic pollution problem? 🌱 Join Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #plasticfree #plastic #tourism #travel #hawaii

Entrepreneurs Have to Wear Many Hats

Owning your own business (especially at the beginning before you have a large group of employees) means you as the founder will have to wear many hats. Pitching in when other departments need help. Many people think being an entrepreneur is glamorous, they only see the highlight reels on social media. The truth is as the CEO or business owner you are the hardest working person in the company. Putting in long hours and often having to do the grunt work. This is actually a good thing. By working in each department you gain the knowledge of how that department works and what can be done to improve it. Make it more efficient and see where more resources might be needed. You don’t have to know how to code, but you should know how long it takes to code a piece of software, where the bottlenecks might be and how to back up the system if something happens. Are you an entrepreneur? What is the most important lesson you learned about your company from wearing multiple hats? 🌱 Join Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #entrepreneur #CEO #smallbusiness #entrepreneurship

Vets2Industry Highlight # 6: Logistics is Half the Battle

Last month, our resident Veteran Joe Swider spoke at the 39th VETS2INDUSTRY networking event. The theme of the keynote address was: “Military life-skills, Entrepreneurship and the satisfaction of making a global impact’ Everyone who has served in the Navy, Army, Marines, Air-force or Coast Guard knows that logistics and keeping the supply chain tight can win or lose a battle. The front lines need weapons, food, fuel and everything in-between. Business is no different. It might not be life or death, yet it can be life or death for your company and its particually acute for rapidly growing small businesses. Clients want their products fast, at a good price and in perfect condition. Equipment needs to be repaired, and tools need to be ready to use when they are needed. Securing your supply chain and exceeding your clients’ expectations is the key to success in business. Being able to deliver when you say you can. In Terravive’s case being able to deliver American Made, high quality eco-friendly products from one of our USA warehouses. No waiting on a ship from China or being at the will of geopolitics. ❓ What #logistics questions do you have for Joe? Drop them below. Special thanks to Brian Arrington M.S., MBA Candidate and ✬Matthew✬ Langseth✬ for inviting us to speak at the event. 🌱 Join Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #vets2industry #v2I_jobs #military #navy #armedforces #networking

Support Your Local Fire Departments, Especially the Volunteers!

There are ~ 682,600 Volunteer Firefighters across the United States. Many of them are your friends and family. ✅ Many are in rural areas and have Veterans among their ranks. These men and women are there to save lives and property from becoming ashes. According to the NFPA, first responders save communities in the U.S. approximately $46.9 billion annually! Terravive was proud to donate our American made, compostable products for this fundraiser benefiting Oakdale VFD, Sturgeon VFD and Oak Ridge VFD outside of #Pittsburgh. We met so many wonderful and dedicated people who put their lives on the line for others in the community. Community is what it’s all about. Joe Swider grew up in a small town and that small town vibe is, everyone knows everyone. And everyone is willing to lend a hand. Everyone has their strengths, some are BBQ Pitt Masters others make a mean cole slaw or Italian sausage. All in all it was an event to remember! Great food, better people and of course all for a GREAT cause! The other amazing thing was the location. The picturesque landscape of Cardillo Farm, fresh air and variety of animals made us remember why we do what we do. What we are fighting to protect. Nature and the humans and animals that live in it. Special shout out to the Rock Stars that made this all happen: Gregg Butteri, Jeff G Waldron, Fred Cardillo and Mike Cardillo and the countless others who pitched in for the event. 🌱 Join Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally. #firefighters #Volunteers #fundraising #farming

21,000 Pieces of Plastic in the Ocean for EACH Person!

21,000 Pieces of Plastic in the Ocean for EACH person! We got so many questions about how this staggering stat could be true. Julianna provides the answers in the video. Here are the major takeaways. 🌎 8 Billion people on the planet means a lot of plastic created. ♻ Most people think that they are helping the environment when they put their #recycling into their Blue Bin at home. Sadly, ~90% of all plastic produced never gets recycled and ends up in our #oceans and natural #environment, or is burned causing massive carbon emissions (#GHG). 🏭 Plastic ends up in the ocean easier than you think. Nature is set up to bring all waterways to the ocean. Streams ➡ Rivers ➡ Oceans ➡ Dolphin Stomach ➡ Human Waterways 🌱 Join Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of #plastic pollution globally! Julianna Keeling K9Heroes4Heroes Joe Swider Phil Conein #plasticsindustry #plasticpollution #sustainability #oceanplastic #conservation #wildlife

STOP: You are getting Greenwashed! Be Smarter…

Big corporations see the marketing value of “Going Green”. The problem is many of them are not changing their products to actual eco-friendly materials and are using “green” buzzwords to Greenwash a gullible public. We know most people are not biopolymer science experts. But that’s ok because Julianna Keeling is and she’s going to set the record straight. Two types of products on the market that are just regular plastic with a fancy Green name attached to them are: ❌ Degradable Plus ❌ OXO Degradable These products simply have an extra chemical added to them that makes the plastic break down faster, but not in a good way. They actually create millions of microplastics that pollute our ecosystem and food systems. And it’s a huge health problem. Fish and animals eat these #microplastics. They are airborne and they end up in our drinking water and our bodies. ❗ Did you know the average human ingests 44 pounds of plastic in their lifetime? So, say no to Greenwashing and look for products that are certified compostable. When a product is compostable certified it means it will break down into its organic materials and not cause harm to nature or humans when composted. Compostable products like Terravive’s are made from plants not petrochemicals. ❓ Have you seen Greenwashing? Tell us your story and help others avoid getting duped. 🌱 Join Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally! #plasticfree #sustainability #greenwashing #ecofriendly

Who Won the Obstacle Course Challenge?

There are always challenges when running a business. Shipping delays, employees calling in sick, the client makes last minute changes. There is no shortage of problems you must overcome. These days, most challenges are mental in nature and if it’s mental, it can always be conquered. In an effort to balance the scales we decided to challenge ourselves physically. Julianna Keeling and Joe Swider challenged themselves on a military obstacle course, and by doing so learned a valuable lesson. When we push ourselves past the point we think is our limit, our limit changes. This is the basics of growth. On the physical side we know that if we do 60 pushups one day, the next day we do 65 and the next 70, our muscles will grow. The small tears and strain we put on them makes them grow stronger. The same thing applies to business and the mental side of life. When you challenge yourself to go beyond your comfort zone and learn something new, you grow as a person and professional. It could be learning a new piece of software that helps you manage your books or inventory. Or it could be learning from making one more sales call. Or learning a new language (btw, Joe and Julianna are learning Polish). Challenge yourself to push through the fear of rejection, through the fear of not knowing enough, through the imposter syndrome. As the arch at Joe’s alma mater, Virginia Military Institute, states “You may be whatever you resolve to be”! Whatever it is that you think you can’t do, we are here to tell you that you can do it, and we believe in you. Challenge yourself both mentally and physically daily and always challenge the status quo. 🌱 Join Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of plastic pollution globally! #challenge #military #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #successtips

 Are You One of These 4 Innovative Mindsets?

Joe Swider was asked to speak on a Managing Water, Energy & Food Security During Geopolitical Turmoil panel at an International Stability Operations Association (ISOA) conference. In this highlight video, he breaks down the four types of #innovation mindsets he has come across in his diverse #entrepreneurial career. 🚀 Innovators, the true pioneers who run full speed ahead and are responsible for inventing the next great thing. 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️ Fast Followers, these people are less risk oriented and wait until someone else proves-out an #invention then jumps on the rocket. 🤔 Reluctant Followers, they only take action once forced to by #management or the sector they work in. ❌ Troglodytes (aka Cavemen), the most stubborn of the group, they fight every change and are set in their ways. These people can be a cancer in your company or organization so avoid them at all costs. Otherwise, your competition will quickly eclipse you and you will find yourself unemployed or your organization quickly loses the daily wars it constantly fights. What type of innovation midset are you? 🌱 Join Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of #plastic pollution globally! ✅ Don’t forget to Follow Us #water #energy #food #innovation #technology #science #engineering

How do Eco products stack up?

Team Terravive donated our products to a charity dinner at Joe Swider’s old high school, Bishop Canevin High School in Pittsburgh. The theme was spaghetti dinner, best to keep food expenses low so the majority of the benevolence goes to the charity. Joe did a test of our eco-friendly plates with mouth watering pasta dinner. So, how did our 100% plant based eco plates do? After an hour of eating saucy spaghetti off them, they held up just as good if not better than their plastic polluting counterparts (certainly far better than thin paper plates). Never underestimate the power of #nature! Do you have any questions about the durability of our products or the #science behind our eco manufacturing process? Drop them in the comments. 🌱 Join Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of #plastic pollution globally! #sustainability #ecofriendly #eco #pittsburgh

Terravive awarded Gold Standard WBENC Certification!!!

Team Terravive is excited to announce that we were just awarded the WBENC certification, the official certification for woman owned businesses. WBENC’s focus on empowering and enabling woman owned businesses has proven to be the gold standard for corporations and organizations. Julianna Keeling, our founder and CEO, is leading the charge proving that women can excel in STEM programs and in business when they apply themselves. Presently, under Julianna’s leadership, Terravive has expanded to 16 manufacturing locations in the USA and Terravive is shipping its products domestically and internationally. Terravive is making an enormous impact with its American made, #compostable single use products and we are proud to eliminate mountains and oceans of plastic waste globally. We are proud to stand alongside WBENC’s portfolio of exceptional companies led by #women. #wbencnetwork #wbencconf #WBENCconf #womanownedbusiness #founder #ceo #stem

Grace Gaita Scholarship Spaghetti Dinner

Terravive believes in strong communities and supports great causes…. We were privileged to be able to donate our products for the Grace Gaita Scholarship Spaghetti Dinner. Below are some words from those who loved her. #Pittsburgh, Pa. St. Thomas More Church, Resurrection Parish – On Feb. 4, 2023, Bishop Canevin High School and the Knights of Columbus Council 3084 hosted a spaghetti dinner to raise money for the Grace Gaita Scholarship. Prior to the dinner, there was a memorial Mass held at 4:00pm, to honor Bishop Canevin student Grace Gaita, who passed away suddenly last year. Both Mass and dinner took place at St. Thomas More Church, Resurrection Parish. The night was filled with #love and support from over 500 attendees. The Bishop Canevin student body also created a video to represent Grace and the impact that she had on BC’s students, #teachers, and community. The Grace Gaita Scholarship aids students at Bishop Canevin who excel in their #faith, participate in #music programs and show academic improvement. Principal Michael Joyce of Bishop Canevin High School stated, “Grace represented the best of what our Catholic schools stand for and this event fittingly is being held at the conclusion of #Catholic Schools Week.” Grace Gaita would have been a senior this year at Bishop Canevin High School. She was an active member of the high school and St. Thomas More parish #community. She participated in many clubs and activities – excelling in #theology courses, altar serving, #volunteering, and marching band. While she will always be missed, the impact Grace Gaita had on those she loved, the Church, and the world will remain forever. If you are interested in contributing to Grace’s Scholarship, please see the link in the comments below. Lauren Gamble Joseph Milharcic Joe Schubert Stephen Wayhart Richard Gaitens Holly Nesbitt Michael Mackin Innovation Works Jane K Joseph Liz C. Julianna Keeling Joe Swider #CrusaderNation #WeAreBC #BeConnected #Pittsburgh #pittsburghbusiness #pittsburghtech

Sneak Peek? How Much Impact Can One Company Have?

🌎 Here at Terravive we have eliminated thousands of tons of plastic pollution from entering our rivers, #oceans and natural #environment while also saving our clients money. We’ve been able to do this through our high volume orders. Every pallet we ship is a promise to mother nature that we can all do better. Never underestimate what a group of people with a mission can accomplish! ✅ Best part is Team Terravive is only getting started!. As we grow the business and engage more clients, every order gets us closer to solving the plastic pollution problem. Not to mention all the greenhouse gases (#GHG) we have saved from being emitted into the atmosphere by manufacturing our products in regulated factories in America (vs. China with questionable environmental practices). If your company wants to make a difference, please email or DM us for more information about our cost effective high volume ordering solutions. 🌱 Join Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of #plastic pollution globally!

Plastic for Breakfast? A Human Consumes 44 lbs of Plastic

Microplastics are getting their time in the spotlight and not for good reasons. They have been found in fish, animals, human blood and even breast milk. YUCK!! Great visual from our own Joe Swider. According to a group of studies from scientists around the world, #microplastics are what’s for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner! A recent Reuters News Agency article presented some alarming facts: 🍟 – Every week the average human ingests 5 grams of plastic. Equal to about a large spoonful. 🍲 – Every month we eat 21 grams, about half a small bowl of plastic. 🍚 – Every 6 months, 125 grams of plastic. A full cereal size bowl. 🍽 – Every year, 250 grams or a full dinner plate. ⛑ – Every 10 years 2.5 kg of plastic (by the way 1 kg = 2.2 lbs). So over 5 lbs! That’s like eating a motorcycle helmet made of plastic. 🚚 – Over our lifetime, we eat 44 lbs, which they report is about two full size rolling trash cans. You know the ones you put out at the curb and a huge garbage truck uses a mechanical arm to empty it. The truth is, it doesn’t need to be this way. The technology is already here and Terravive has been making all the single use products you’re used to (plates, cups, bowls, utensils, straws, even resealable bags, etc). All of them are made from 100% plant materials and will safely break down in the #environment just like an orange peel. And they will never cause microplastics! We need to take back our #health and ban single use polyethylene plastic (plastic that takes hundreds of years to break down and is creating these microplastics). Call or email your member of #Congress if you want to make a difference to your health! 🌱 Join Terravive’s mission to turn off the tap of #plastic pollution globally! #plasticsindustry #breakfast #plasticpollution #healthcare

Cola Straw Challenge

People are always asking us If your straws are made from plants, what happens if they sit in soda? People think because our straws are compostable and made from plants that it will act like a paper straw and disintegrate. So, we did a test at the #Steelers game this weekend. The results? After 3 hours sitting in a cold cola, the straw held onto all its properties and stayed firm like new! Our straws are designed to work like plastic but breakdown like an orange peel. Because they are made from plants they will start to breakdown when microbes are present. It normally takes 4-6 months for our straws to completely degrade naturally. What questions do you have about our straws or any of our products?

Kombucha vs. Terravive Straws. Who Wins?

We love when our customers ask us how our products perform in different environments. One we often get is, if we put Terravive straws in Kombucha, will it start to break down because there are microbes in Kombucha? It’s an excellent question. We frequently say you need to break down our products are heat, humidity and microbial activity. Same as if you throw an orange peel in the woods. Eventually it will break down naturally into organic material that will go back into the Earth. So we did a test. We put one of our straws in a bottle of Kombucha and left it there overnight. When we came back the next day and checked 24hrs later, the straw was still intact! What science questions do you have about compostable products?” #kombucha #compostable #compost #ecofriendly #ceo #organic #science #testing

Attention Sports Fans: Meet the Coolest New Clear Bag from Terravive!

Attention Sports Fans: Meet the Coolest New Clear Bag from Terravive! How many times have we been asked to put our stuff in a clear bag before we go to a sporting event, #nfl game, or even TSA #security for the #airlines? Have you ever thought how silly it is to pollute the #environment with a #plastic bag that will get used 1 time to get into the sporting event, then thrown away? You can feel a little better now using an #ecofriendly, compostable clear resealable bag from Terravive. Our bags function just like a petroleum plastic bag, but they are certified home #compostable! Even though the Pittsburgh Steelers did not do so well against the New York Jets on Sunday, at least everyone had #fun and we did our small part not to increase plastic pollution in our #environment. On the bright side, we did have delicious Primanti Bros. Restaurant and Bar sandwiches at the game! Can’t beat the PIttsburgher and a cold drink! What kind of clear bags do you use? #ecofriendly #sustainable #restaurants #food #sustainability #foodandbeverages #logistics #supplychain #madeinusa #nfl #steelers #pittsburgh #newyork #jets #sports

Terravive Highlights from the Hispanic Restaurant Association Top Chef Event

Warning you’ll be hungry when you’re done watching! It was such an amazing event put on by some truly wonderful people. John J., Selene N., Nicholas Sanchez, Josh Mayo and all the volunteers. They were kind enough to let me backstage in the kitchen to take a few videos and photos. I got to see all these talented Chefs, Zuri resendiz, Mario Viguie, Amalia Moreno-Damgaard, Santiago De La Cruz “JIMMY”, Roberto Reyes, sergio ledesma and of course the Top Chef winner Jorge Quirarte. The judges were watching all the different techniques of each Chef. Each with their own style and creative genius. Pablo Aya, Manuel Barella, Fernando Stovell and Dana Rodríguez “The one and the only Loca” Many of the people in attendance told me how they loved our products, how sturdy they were and that they felt good knowing they were #ecofriendly and were made from sustainable plants. We at Terravive can’t wait for next year’s event. Thank you to everyone for treating our #CEO Julianna Keeling like family. Spark3 Hospitality Joe Swider #sustainable #hispanicheritagemonth #denver #colorado #smallbusinessowner #thankyou

Are You Getting Greenwashed?

Over the last few years as more people learn about the harmful effects of plastic pollution, the eco movement has gained a lot of steam. Companies recognized this shift in people’s buying habits and decided to cash in. There are tons of products out on the market labeled eco-friendly that promise customers the feel good hit of doing the right thing. What most people don’t know is many companies simply slap on an eco label on old products and call it a day. This is the heart of greenwashing. Don’t get duped. Always check to make sure the products you buy are certified by a reputable organization or government agency. To learn more about Terravive’s certified compostable products, DM us or visit our website. Do you have a greenwashing story you’d like to share in the comments? #greenwashing #compostable #certification #ecofriendly #corporateresponsibility #foodandbeverageindustry

RECAP: Congressman Wittman visits Terravive Regarding Global Impact

With the growing focus on eliminating plastic pollution throughout all aspects of commercial and government operations, Congressman Wittman’s recent visit to Terravive really drove home the importance of growing American infrastructure that can manufacture alternatives to #plastic and styrofoam single use products.

“Over the weekend, I visited with folks at Terravive in Richmond – a woman, minority, and veteran owned global supplier of USA Made, eco-friendly products to the US Government and Commercial companies.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to see their fantastic work and their great example of using advanced materials that are both high in quality and eco-friendly…. I am looking forward to visiting again in the future!” per Congressman Wittman.

The Congressman fully understood the impact that Terravive is making on the #environment around the world. As a devout conservationist, he knows firsthand the benefits of eliminating plastic pollution from our #oceans and waterways.

Terravive is not only saving our customers millions of dollars annually but also we are diverting mountains of plastic pollution on programs that utilize our high quality #compostable, #pfas free cafeteria and dining products.

Terravive is appreciative of the great insight and support of the Virginia Congressional delegations.

#ecofriendly #conservation #sustainability #sustainable #ocean #congress #legislation #Virginia #americanmade #oceanplastic #foodandbeveragemanufacturing

Terravive at Phipps: Reminder to Sit Back and Smell the Roses

Team Terravive was fortunate to spend some time at the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. Our Julianna Keeling reminds us of the beauty of places like Phipps, a true treasure in Pittsburgh. We loved seeing the Bayberry plant, a Top 10 #Sustainable Plant and the different displays of horticulture creativity and true artistic talent. Phipps also reminds us why it is important for Terravive to turn off the tap of #plastic pollution globally. If you are in Pittsburgh anytime soon, visit Phipps and sit back to smell the roses! Thank you Richard Piacentini and Phipps for providing your visitors such an exceptional venue to sit back, smell the roses and to relax. #flowers #garden #gardening #landscaping #ecofriendly #conservation #pittsburgh #scienceandenvironment #science #film #education #phipps #phippsconservatory #parks #culture #arts #culture

Learn how to build a Big Steaming Pile of … Compost! Black Gold

Our Allen McCown is at the Terravive compost pile for our VIPC | Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation Commercialization Project. Since part of the R&D program is testing the biodegradability of our innovations, we thought this would be a great teaching opportunity for anyone who is interested in composting themselves. Allen does a fabulous job providing an overview of what it takes to build a #compost pile. Also, Julianna Keeling provided a great overview of the VIPC program on the prior post. Many of our clients have small home #composting systems while others have larger compost piles like Terravive’s at their facilities, businesses, campuses, farms or even in their local community. A composting system is a great cost efficient way to reduce the amount of waste that is headed to landfills while also generating incredibly nutrient rich compost for your fruit and vegetable gardens – even better, the compost is all natural and FREE! Truly #zerowaste and #circular! As a materials science company on the leading edge of the bio-materials space, Terravive is constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be made from materials found in nature. We are proud that Terravive has already diverted thousands of tons of #plastic and styrofoam pollution from landfills and programs like VIPC’s will further the advancement of our #ecofriendly, #compostable product lines. #innovation #virginia #plasticwaste #plasticfree #food #restaurants #farm #farming #farmers #garden #gardening #gardens #teaching #organic #organicfarming #restaurants


Diversity and inclusion are key to Terravive’s business strategy. To produce products with the highest level of quality, we must have unique perspectives and backgrounds represented in our team and work.


At Terravive, diversity means understanding that differences in perspectives and backgrounds are actually our greatest strength. We’ve built an inclusive environment in which everyone is valued, respected, and expected to bring their true selves to ethically expand our business. 


This starts with our executive team. Terravive is a woman, minority, and veteran owned and operated business and categorizes as a WOSB, SDB and SWAM certified. Terravive believes that its past, current, and future successes are dependent on diverse hiring practices to ensure we have a diverse workforce. The best products and most qualified employees will enable Terravive to ultimately leverage our success to drive positive impact on society and the environment.