Terravive's Impact

Terravive provides its compostable single use consumer products to a wide range of customers both within the United States and internationally.  The demand for more sustainable solutions is a corporate mandate in publicly traded companies as well as top of mind for employee and community engagement. Terravive’s impact manifests in a quality work environment for smaller companies and organizations.

The value of Terravive’s products is becoming widely known through our clientele globally and we offer not only an efficient pathway to reduce the amount of plastics polluting our world but also offer tangible operational cost savings for our clients who desire a significant return on investment.

Terravive's Custom Sustainable Packaging

Terravive applies its materials expertise to a wide range of consumer products, allowing us to manufacture customized items out of sustainable materials. This allows you to reduce plastic waste and amplify Terravive’s impact. Ask us about custom sustainable packaging!